Revealer - LP


Ships on: July 17, 2024

As its title suggests, Revealer — the new album by Madison Cunningham — is full of confessions, intimations, and hard truths the Los Angeles singer-songwriter-guitarist might rather have kept to herself. It’s a warts-and-all self-portrait of a young artist who is full of doubt and uncertainty, yet bursting with exciting ideas about music and life, who has numerous Grammy nominations but still feels like she has far to go, who turns those misgivings into songs that are confident in their idiosyncrasies. It’s also a rumination on music as a vehicle for such revelations, what’s gained and what’s lost when you put words to your innermost feelings.

Side A
1. All I’ve Ever Known
2. Hospital
3. Anywhere
4. Sunshine Over The Counter
5. Life According To Raechel

Side B
1. Who Are you Now
2. In From Japan
3. Collider Particles
4. Your Hate Could Power A Train
5. Our Rebellion
6. Sara And The Silent Crowd